About Us
About Us


What is Daisy Chain?

Daisy Chain is a unique charity that addresses the needs of children on the autism spectrum and their families. It provides a safe, fun and friendly environment, where children can be themselves. 

At Daisy Chain our vision is to provide a range of support measures that take account of the needs of the whole family, rather than just the child who has autism, because autism has such a big impact on the whole family. We support parents, carers and siblings too through the provision of respite care and the opprotunity to talk with other parents and siblings in the same position as themselves.

With more than half a million people in the UK with autism, it is much more common than most people think. Taking into consideration family members and professionals involved in the care and support of people with autism, more than 2.3 million are affected.

For more information on the Daisy Chain Story please use the link on the right. To find out details about all the activities provided by Daisy Chain visit the Daisy Chain Website - www.daisychainproject.co.uk


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