Supporting Daisy Chain was the right thing to do

Finance First


Ian and his company, Finance First, have been avid supporters of Daisy Chain in recent years and assisted significantly in the growth of the charity through monetary donations and the supply of equipment. 

In 2010 the finance firm - which provides all forms of advice from protecting the quality of life for families, developing tax efficient asset accumulation, help businesses protect their assets and maintenance plans amongst other services - supplied computers for the charity’s new IT suite.  The computers are used regularly by the children attending Daisy Chain and help in their development and education.

Ian was inspired to support Daisy Chain after hearing about two of the charity’s valued volunteers, Keith and Liz Walker.  The retired couple, whose grandson attends Daisy Chain, spend a great deal of their well-earned personal time to supporting the charity. Compelled to get involved, Ian visited the farm and met more volunteers and employees, and saw their vision for the future. 
“I felt a special energy about Daisy Chain, which made me feel good. They work tirelessly in their path towards their goals; I was over the moon to be of some assistance to help add to their special work.

This charity is one which isn’t easy to understand.  These new conditions, which the children have been diagnosed with, are just now starting to be understood.  Amazing children have been mis-judged even by professionals, due to lack of understanding, knowledge and education in this area.  
These parents, helpers and employees are a great team and support each other in difficult situations.  They are determined to help others understand so children can experience more normal lives, which to me is so important - they are our future!
As a parent I have found it challenging to bring up what people perceive as normal children, so I have the utmost admiration for any parent with a child with conditions that Daisy Chain support.  I see it as my role to help and support them with charitable donations wherever I can.”

Ian Sanderson, Director, Finance First

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